4 Ways Yoga Lowers Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety is something we experience. It’s a normal reaction to modern life and comes in the kind of thoughts of worry or concern. Along with those ideas comes the heart and sweaty palms.

For some, these ideas and accompanying senses can become very overwhelming and persistent and may severely impact daily life.

Having undergone both mild and chronic forms of this condition, I completely believe in the healing powers of meditation and yoga as a means of coping with and beating stress. I was given tools that assisted me to reduce the effect anxiety had on my own life in addition to a level of consciousness by my practice.

Listed below are a couple of ways the four important areas of yoga can help with stress.

1. Exercise Breathing (Pranayama)


The breath is your ideal place to begin because it can calm down us fast.

Anxious thoughts can cause rapid and shallow breathing (usually in the chest and shoulders only), which could increase anxiety and cause us to feel more wired. Yoga breathing techniques or any pranayama will probably be of help, but here are three simple practices that can assist with anxiety.

Simple Breath Awareness

That is only becoming aware of your breath and discover how it’s flowing. Try to focus on the flow. This simple act of focusing the mind will slow it down, and you’ll also begin to develop a better awareness of how you are breathing daily.

Abdominal Breath

This breath is very soothing for your body and the nervous system and as with Breath Awareness previously, will also help the head slow down.

  • Start with Simple Breath Awareness.
  • Then, take your attention to your stomach.
  • When you inhale, feel your stomach and lower ribs expand, and as you exhale, feel them contract. Shoulders and the torso should stay and there should be no strain in any way. Try to create the inhalation and exhalation equivalent in length.

Left Nostril Breath

The left nostril is related to the right hemisphere of their brain and breathing through it triggers nurturing, calming energy (via the Ida Nadi).

  • Sit with a straight back and start with Simple Breath Awareness.
  • Block the right nostril with the right hand and breathe in and from the left nostril.
  • Keep your focus here and feel yourself unwind more with every exhale.

2. Practice Asana

Practice Asana

With anxiety comes pressure and anxiety, which may collect in the body. Yoga helps us release that stress through the practice of asana and comfort.

While many postures could help, like Child’s Pose, Legs Up the Wall Pose, and Savasana, in particular, it is also the way we practice which can be of the most advantage. Try to soften and concede as you execute each asana and maintain breath awareness to keep in mind focused.

Asana may also help us alter energy from the body. A couple of rounds of flows or sun salutations will probably be beneficial, but try to practice in a way which is calming and nurturing.

3. Exercise Meditation

Exercise Meditation

An apprehensive head is usually over-energetic and easily agitated.

Meditation will help to slow down the mind that has a calming effect on the entire mind-body complex. A regular practice can help you activates and become knowledgeable about your thoughts particular patterns and make it possible for you to decrease.

Check out this beginner’s guide to mediation. It is easier than you think!

4. Lifestyle And Philosophy

Lifestyle can have a part to play in anxiety, and of course, things such as caffeine, alcohol, and stress may add fuel to the stress fire.

Yoga teaches us to become more loving and understanding of ourselves and the world around us and it also encourages us to respect and nurture our bodies with healthy, nutritious food that encourages and us.

Not to say you need to follow a vegetarian diet, but living and eating mindfully and lovingly will go a long way in helping to ease anxiety.

It is worth noting that while yoga can surely help to reduce anxiety, it may not be suitable as a sole source of therapy. The ideas in this article are based on my experiences with yoga along with my anxiety and should in no way interfere with the opinion of a medical professional.

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If you enjoyed this 4 Ways Yoga Lowers Stress and Anxiety or have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below!

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