5 Simple Exercises to Deepen Your Backbends

When we think of backbends, what may come to mind is images of deep urdhva dhanurasana (wheel) presents or heart-opening handstand hollow back presents. But, our spines can bend in 6 distinct directions, not just extension (backward bending).

To maintain spinal health and move deeper into backward bending contours, it’s important to stretch in each of those instructions:

  • extension,
  • flexion (forward bending),
  • lateral movement (side bending left and right),
  • rotation (bending left and right).

Fostering strength in the core muscles which support back bending is essential to supporting and strengthening the spine in backbends. These 5 simple exercises work through each of these elements of back bending.

Core Strengthening: Side Plank

side plank

Beginning a clinic with strengthening exercises is a significant approach that is needed to support the movement of the backbone. Planks and side planks are effective postures to participate in these muscles. Side plank targets the inner and external oblique muscles, which line the distance between our ribs and hips on the sides of the bodies.

To come into this position, start tucked and heels pressing back, your buttocks in precisely the same level as your heels and head, and both hands underneath your shoulders. Roll on your palm and the edge of your left foot as you pile your foot and then lift your right arm overhead. Feel that your hip points are both evenly targeted toward the wall which you’re currently facing.

It is possible to come into a side plank that is modified by pressing the right sole of their foot securely on the ground and bringing your shin to kickstand if it is too difficult to pile your feet. Before switching to the side hold this position for 5 steady breaths.

Rotation: Modified Bharadvajasans Twist

Modified Bharadvajasans Twist

To come into Bharadvaiasans Twist, start seated together with your shin angling toward parallel with the front of your mat and your shin bent supporting you. Ground down through both sitz bones and then walk your hand supporting your sacrum to fingers along with your right hand to palms in front of your knee.

Allow your torso to lead your turn so that your chin points toward your shoulder, and take your gaze in the opposite direction. Hold for 5 breaths before discharging to impartial and switching to the side.

Lateral Bending: Standing Side Bend

Standing Side Bend

Come to stand with your feet either aside or together with your feet touching and distance between your heels. Ground through the feet and hit your left arm upward. Take an inhale to lengthen through your left side, and in your exhale, start to side bend toward the right.

Direct your left hip and then either keep your arm glued to your side or take out it toward the ground. Takedown your gaze at your fingertips or to the ground. Before inhaling to come back to the center, stay inside this position for three or more breaths. Pause for a minute in tadasana before repeating in your side that is next.

Spinal Flexion: Uttanasana (Standing Forward Fold)


By tadasana, fold your legs over. Bring a deep bend your knees to both, particularly if your hamstrings are tight so that both your thighs can rest over. Hug your arms and if you’ve got the space, you can interlace your hands around ankles that are contrary. Draw your chin and feel that your spine curling around your legs. Before releasing stay for 5 breaths.

Spinal Extension: Ardha Dhanurasana (Half Bow)

Ardha Dhanurasana

From a position forward fold, then step back into lower and plank on your belly. By bringing your elbows under your shoulders and your forearms parallel to one another on the 20, come. Towards your glute, curl your foot from the sphinx, and hit your hand to catch the cover of the foot.

Take a strap, if you quite reach and then reach for the strap. As soon as you have your foot or the strap draw on it closer towards your glute when keeping your torso squared to the front of the mat. Breathe for 4 breaths in the stretch across your quadriceps. After that, start to twist your foot in your strap or hand to deepen into a backbend.

Continue your collarbones open and direct your sternum. Hold until switching to your side that is next and gently releasing back the foot to the sphinx.

By strengthening your core and transferring your backbone in all 6 directions, your backbends can efficiently and safely deepen. This back-bending practice can allow you to feel energized and invigorated.

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