Aerial Yoga Everything You Have To Know

As a physical activity, aerial yoga is continuously growing in popularity for two important reasons: for the uniqueness of its performance and for all the benefits obtained if it is practiced correctly.

What Is Aerial Yoga?

What Is Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga is one of the variants or modalities of traditional yoga. It includes postures and movements of the acrobatic class. It has the only thing done with the help of a swing made of fabrics that are hung from the ceiling.

This implies that you will not touch the ground while practicing aerial yoga since you must be suspended on the swing while performing the different postures.

These swings have the particularity that they hold weight up to 300kg, so if you fear that they will break at some point, the risk is minimal.

This physical and active variant of yoga allows you to work the whole body intensely. In addition to having their spiritual and mental work shared in this discipline, regardless of the variant, you do

Is Aerial Yoga Dangerous?

Although many say that it can be dangerous to practice aerial yoga without proper supervision and guidance, believe me, there are no problems if you can find someone to guide you with the right technique to use the swing correctly without hurting yourself.

Remember that this instrument is beautiful, and people dare to discover it without prior preparation. Also, the swing has the particularity that connects you with that inner child in your childhood.

So the answer is that it is not dangerous, as long as it is practiced with discipline, respect, and adequate guidelines to avoid unfortunate accidents.

Can Beginners Do Aerial Yoga?


The answer is yes, and every beginner can start their aerial yoga classes; having practiced traditional yoga is not a functional requirement to practice aerial yoga, although it is true that practitioners of conventional yoga find this variant easier. It is not necessary.

Anyone who wants and is interested in this art can practice it, know how to take advantage of it, and learn it correctly with a useful guide and simple and not-so-intense sessions suitable for beginners.

What Is Aerial Yoga Good For?

  1. Good for flexibility: This range of motion will allow the joints to work freely throughout their range of motion.
  2. Good for toning muscles: due to the physical effort that is made, and the positions in which balance must be taken, the muscles tone and gain strength, especially the arms and legs.
  3. Good for breathing and circulation: Being in constant movement to change positions and physical work activates our circulatory system during the session. These postures force you to give your breathing a rhythm that makes you perform during practice, and over time it will improve.
  4. If you want to do cardiovascular work, this is the right activity: Being balanced and supporting our body weight, changing suspension postures will make cardiovascular exercise noticeable in each session of aerial yoga.
  5. Good for stress: One of the reasons people decide to practice any variant of yoga is finding themselves through meditation and finding a state of inner peace and well-being on a mental level. This discipline is not far behind; during aerial yoga sessions, you eliminate any level of stress accumulated in your daily routine, as well as anxiety, nerves, allowing you to connect with your inner self, achieving emotional well-being.
  6. Improves posture: since it is suspended in the air and the reverse position, the spine decompresses and relaxes from any tension accumulated by stress. Allowing the vertebrae to align improves circulation in the area and thereby alleviates pain and discomfort that may be suffered at the lumbar level.

Is Aerial Yoga Good For Back Pain?

Why You May Have One Sided Back Pain

We are returning to the previous idea, thanks to its benefit of improving posture and helping to decompress those compressed nerves that press on the spine and cause these annoying back pain.

Aerial yoga is an appropriate and useful activity in cases where back pain or discomfort is suffered. It will help relieve and work as an alternative treatment to deal with this discomfort.

In short, this activity is exciting, and it must be taken into account to practice it and enjoy the benefits it brings to the body, whether from the thoughts of yoga practitioners who seek to experience new experiences and sessions to that of the beginner who The practice of postures in the air causes curiosity.

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