10 Minute Morning Yoga Routine for Beginners

Did you know that a morning yoga regimen can help you improve brain function, lower stress levels, and improve flexibility? And these advantages of yoga are only the beginning! Yoga thas true for people of all ability levels, and can completely change your brain and your body through practice. It does take an expert yogi … Read more

7 Reasons to Practice Vinyasa Yoga

With names like AshtangaBikram and Vinyasa, it can be difficult for beginners to keep all the schools of yoga. But if you can recall that Vinyasa motion knows everything you want to about this wonderful style. Whether yore just starting with yoga or attempting to try out something new, there are a lot of reasons … Read more

5 Yoga Poses to Ease Lower Back Pain

The lumbar region, or the spine, can be an area that gets sensitive for nearly all of us at any stage in our own lives. Whether we must sit a lot throughout the day, or if a lot of moves, the lumbar region can get influenced. Whatever the situation, pain in the back can affect … Read more

5 Simple Exercises to Deepen Your Backbends

When we think of backbends, what may come to mind is images of deep urdhva dhanurasana (wheel) presents or heart-opening handstand hollow back presents. But, our spines can bend in 6 distinct directions, not just extension (backward bending). To maintain spinal health and move deeper into backward bending contours, it’s important to stretch in each … Read more

5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga 1

Yoga is good for you but did you know that there are tons of health benefits of yoga that are hot as well? Does the thought of drowning in a puddle of your sweat whilst twisting yourself into the shape of a pretzel feel a bit daunting? This is what goes on people’s heads when … Read more

4 Ways Yoga Lowers Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety is something we experience. It’s a normal reaction to modern life and comes in the kind of thoughts of worry or concern. Along with those ideas comes the heart and sweaty palms. For some, these ideas and accompanying senses can become very overwhelming and persistent and may severely impact daily life. Having undergone both … Read more