5 Stretches For Sciatic Nerve Pain

Here is a list of the best stretches for sciatic nerve pain you can do at home:

1. Press-Up

Press up back

Step 1: Begin this pose on your stomach. 

Step 2: Position your elbows directly under your shoulders and your forearms flat on the floor, parallel to one another.

Step 3: Lift your chest and extend through the spine from your tailbone to the top of your neck.

Hold for 30 seconds for one repetition.

2. Press up Extension

press up Stretches For Sciatic Nerve Pain

Step 1: Lie with your face down and hands flat, next to your shoulders.

Step 2: Press your palms, and lift your upper body up(keep your hips and pelvis rooted to the floor).

Step 3: Extend through the spine from the tailbone to the neck, allowing your back to arch.

Hold for 10 seconds, and then slowly lower you back to the start position.

If you feel any pressure in your lower back, stop lifting your chest.

Do 10 reps x 3 sets.

3. Knees to Chest

knees chest

Step 1: Lie on your back.

Step 2: Slowly hug your knees to your chest, allowing your lower back to round.

Hold for 30 seconds for one repetition.

4.Posterior Pelvic Tilt

posterior pelvic tilt

Step 1: Lie with your face up, knees bent and feet flat.

Step 2: Draw abdominals in to flatten the lower back into the floor.

Hold for 5 seconds.

Repeat 10 times from the start position.

5. Knee to Opposite Shoulder


Step 1: Lie on your back with legs extended and feet flexed.

Step 2: Lift your right leg and clasp your hands behind the knee.

Step 3: Pull your right knee across your body and toward your left shoulder.

Hold for 30 seconds and then switch legs. Repeat 2 more times.


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