6 Yoga Poses for Abs and a Strong Core

This yoga poses all operate many different muscles, but the secret is to focus on the core.

Always keep the heart by tightening the gut engaged.

Don’t forget to use your heart as the source of power for these poses, rather than leaning into shoulders, your arms, back, or legs.

Yoga can be a fantastic workout, but you have to WORK for it.

Hold them for an extra 30-60 minutes before moving on to the next pose or also my recommendation is to perform these exercises on their own.

1. Side Plank Pose

By first coming into the plank position, begin this pose. Press your feet together, while balancing your weight onto the outside of your foot, then roll onto your right side.

Keep your legs and use your heart to remain balanced. Slowly raise your left hand to the ceiling.

Hold for 30 seconds then repeat on the left side.

2. Upward (Reverse) Plank Pose

Start by laying flat on your back with your arms bent and your hands only a couple of inches.

Use your hands and feet to lift off the ground until your back is parallel to the ground and your arms are perpendicular to the ground.

Hold for 30 minutes. Repeat two more times.

3. Extended Side Angle Pose

This pose is a transition from warrior III and mountain pose. In any event, put your arm on the inside of the right leg and come into a very low lunge. Ensure is straightened along with your left leg stays straight on the ground. Utilize if you can’t comfortably reach the ground, a yoga block that will assist you.

4. Cobra Pose

Start by lying face down on the yoga mat with your arms flexed just above your hips.

Slowly lift as high as possible using your CORE, not your arms. Keep your arms soft and mild alongside you and use them as small as you can through this pose.

Hold for as long as you can and repeat 2x.

5. Plank Pose

Your arms should be below your shoulders. Concentrate on tightening increase up below your body or yore in this posture and make sure your butt remains in accord with the human body and doest dropdown.

Hold for 30 minutes. Function towards holding this position for up to two minutes.

6. Boat Pose

Start by sitting securely in front of you out on the mat with your legs along with your hands slightly behind your hips. Raise your legs to some 45-degree angle together with your arms to assist you balance. Once you’re feeling steady enough and balanced, slowly raise your arms.

Bend your knees slightly if you are not yet flexible enough to fully straighten them.

Hold for 30 minutes. Towards holding this position for complete minute work.

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